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Anupama 16th Nov 2023 Written Updates Upset Baa drags Dimple home seeing Tapish around


Anupama: Baa sees Dimple and Tapish working together for the dance academy drags her home

The Star Plus serial Anupama has fascinated the fans with mind blowing drama and entertainment.

In the latest episodes that are coming, Tapish has made an impactful entry in Dimple’s lonely life.

Now Dimple is facing all the ups and downs alone while Tapish comes the way and stands with her.

There Tapish finds out the story of Dimple and learns that she is pregnant where he starts caring.

Seeing Tapish and Dimple’s work together Baa is already irked and concerned for Dimple leaving.

Thereof as Dimple comes to the dance academy, she breaks the lock where Tapish helps her fix it.

Baa brings Dimple home 

Dimple and Tapish stand together to work while Baa crosses the street at the same time from there.

Somehow, Baa makes her eyes fall on Dimple with Tapish and gets angry to drag Dimple back home.

This turns the big trouble for Dimple as Baa has started seeing Tapish being Dimple’s partner next.

Stay tuned and keep watching what happens next in Anupama along with latest gossips WU for all updates.


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