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Anupama: Pakhi goes unconventional Target pointing towards Dimple Tapish friendship tales


Anupama: Tapish and Dimple becoming friends over dancing Pakhi picks wrong tricks of vision

The Star Plus audience are crazy when Anupama is discussed as the show adds so much high heat.

As of the latest episodes that are coming around on TV screens Dimple has met Tapish after Samar.

So far, Dimple is seen jiggling with work dreams of Samar and the unborn baby coming as mother.

Thereof Tapish enters and Anupama gives him a chance to work at the academy at the very instant.

Following this, Pakhi has trouble seeing widow Dimple living her life and getting all the attention.

Whereas Pakhi cries crocodile tears of can’t becoming a mother blaming Dimple over everything.

Pakhi to show Anupama's trust being cheated 

As Anupama stands firm for Dimple, Pakhi wants to show Dimple being the cheater seeking attention from everyone.

For this, Pakhi gets the clue of Dimple and Tapish working together as she knows what to do next.

Will Pakhi make the message visible that Dimple is the shame for the Shahs and Anupama after all??

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