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YRKKH: Vidya shares similar story from past like Manjari Revealed Armaan’s adaption by Poddars

YRKKH: Armaan is adapted by Vidya turning the mother figure like Manjari has committed in past


The Star Plus serial yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is truly committed to the newest season in making.

The story has taken the charm of Hindi TV industry for a decade and now time for new generations.

Earlier, the story of Akshara and Abhimanyu surprised everyone while Neil and Arohi rules along.

To recall, Neil was not the real son of Manjari while she loved him with all her heart and soul in past.

Thereof with the arrival of newest generation Armaan is the lead face who loves his Poddar family.

As it turns out Armaan has some past intrigues that can never be forgotten as Vidya adapted him.

Armaan adaption by Vidya

Soon the story will bring the link between Armaan and Abhira where Kaveri will speak her pain.

As Kaveri mentions she remembers Armaan’s real mother and her defeat while she looks at him.

It seems now its time to hear what really happened in Armaan’s life as Vidya took him as her son.

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