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YRKKH 10th Nov 2023 written updates Abhira gets into arguments with Poddars for lifetime


YRKKH: Poddars see Abhira as the irritating girl with the arguments flashing for rest of lives

The Star Plus entertainment unit Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has welcomed the fourth generation on the show that the fans are completely in awe of.

As of now Armaan Abhira and Roohi have introduced noise in every Indian household.

So far, Abhira is seen as the simple mountain girl who has never met her family and lives with her mother Akshara.

Thereof Armaan is the most innocent boy of Poddars who have rules and regulations around them all the time.

At the same time Roohi comes around who considers Manish and Swarna as her Parents.

Now as the trip come together in Mussoorie Abhira starts bringing the best services at her resort to treat Armaan and Roohi’s family.

Following this the Poddars see Abhira is restless without no manners at all.

Soon as the family gather for dinner they feel sorry over the services that Abhira offers.

Poddars hate Abhira's way of attitude 

Afterwards Armaan gets angry seeing his family lashing out for Abhira’s bad behaviour.

It seems Abhira has created troubles for herself as the Poddar family hates her.

How will Abhira handle the hatred following her marriage into Poddar house along with Armaan??

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