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Bhagya Laxmi: Still hovering into challenges Laxmi pushes Rishi to connect the wires of destiny

Bhagya Laxmi: Rishi and Laxmi once again show their bonding is effortless with troubles coming


In the latest buzz that is airing on Hindi Tv industry Bhagya Laxmi has to unfold many surprises.

The most watched Zee Tv serial is now making real noise with Rishi and Laxmi tackling danger.

So far, Rishi gains consciousness where he arrives near Laxmi and Laxmi has no trace of herself.

As it seems Laxmi is running away from Rishi as she falls into danger as goons chase her.

Thereof Rishi takes the risk where he brings Laxmi to a safer place and again Laxmi leaves his side.

Soon, as Rishi wakes up Laxmi is gone and he starts looking for Laxmi once again everywhere.

Following this, Rishi and Laxmi meet at a temple where Rishi holds Laxmi as the goon attacks.

Rishi and Laxmi's connection with care

There Laxmi pushes Rishi while Rishi puts forth his hand to stop the goon from hitting Laxmi.

It seems even in troubling times Rishi and Laxmi have not forgotten to care for each other.

How will Rishi and Laxmi get out of the tragic situation and reach home safely??

Stay tuned and get in touch with the latest updates on Bhagya Laxmi with latest gossips WU.

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