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Bhagya Laxmi: Neelam worried freaks as Rishi trapped with Laxmi on Raja’s arrival

Bhagya Laxmi: Rishi and Laxmi are trapped in unknown location for Raja’s troop


The Zee TV serial Bhagya Laxmi is on verge of making headlines following that Rishi and Laxmi are trapped in the middle of the road.

The love story has always been the reason for the fans to talk about entertainment as Rishi and Laxmi rule the hearts of the fans.

So far Laxmi is unconscious and Rishi finds her in the place that does human trafficking.

There Rishi see Laxmi is hung on bids and he brings her to somewhere safe.

As it turns out, Ayush has dropped Rishi and Laxmi in an unnamed road.

There Ayush narrated the story and this makes Neelam nervous thinking about Rishi.

Neelam blames Laxmi for Rishi in trouble

Neelam has never really liked Laxmi and now as Rishi is in danger for Laxmi she blames her.

It seems now everyone are looking for Rishi and Laxmi as no one knows where the duo is hiding from the goons.

How will Rishi and Laxmi safe themselves and return home fighting the goons??

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