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Anupama: Broken family story as Samar’s death stoned everyone at Shah house

Anupama: Shah family breaks into thousand pieces as Samar dies all of sudden


The Star Plus followers are always active to see what is coming up next in the upcoming episodes of Anupama.

The top ranked show is now calling for a twist with Samar’s death track in show that will leave the Shahs in shock.

As of now, Samar is delighted that he is going to become a father.

With this, Samar wants everyone to join him in his happiness as he takes the family out for party.

There of Samar returns with eyes closed forever and Anuj being blamed for everything.

Now, Anuj is left in guilt as he calls himself the murderer of Samar.

Thereof, Anupama clings to the blames that Anuj faces and the regret of losing her son.

At the same time, Vanraj wants Anupama to make her decision on either Anuj or justice for Samar.

Healing and dealing with Samar's lose

The news breaks Dimple as she loses the father of her unborn child.

There Leela wants Anupama and Anuj to stay apart from their family in future.

Let’s see how the pain heals the Shah family with time.

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