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Anupama: Anupama’s misfortune starts with Samar’s death Anuj framed guilty


Anupama: Samar dies an untimely death Anupama is left with chaos of death

The Star Plus family has charmed everyone with the unique portrayal of drama in Anupama.

The story has left the fans awestruck as Samar sees his ending day with the family.

As the story is continuing happiness series for Samar and Dimple with their first child coming.

Thereof, Samar welcomes the family to enjoy his party where he leaves with the last note for Anupama.

Samar adds that he won’t get another chance to enjoy Anupama’s tasty food.

Moreover he adds that he is leaving which concerns Anupama and her bad instincts are turning true.

With this, Samar returns with forever sleep and Vanraj mentions Anuj is guilty of killing Samar.

This shocks Anupama as she can never believe that Anuj can kill someone when it’s her son Samar.

Anupama stuck between son and husband

This is going to lead the story in the upcoming episodes where Anupama will be separated by family.

Now Anupama has either family or her husband after Samar’s death.

How will Anupama fight the battle as she loses her son Samar and her husband Anuj gets framed??

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