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Imlie: Devika Shocked From Artto Deception Accepts Dhairya BETA !

Imlie: Artto reality narrated by eye witness Rudra 


Star plus quite popular show imli showcasing some breath-taking drama in form of Atharva's deceiving Imlie and his whole family to save losing carry. 

what Chini always wanted has finally happened when she introduces Chini as his wife and Kairi's mother in front of Imlie.

Imlie is shattered from the deception and decides not to forgive him and puts all her focus in finding her baby. 

In the latest episode Kairi has entered Rana Villa to find her mother and Imlie will see her glimpse in the mirror while she'll hide behind Imlie's bed. 

Deviki accepts Dhairya Beta 

Imlie in the future story will not tell Devika Artto truth but she will learn about it when Kairi will show picture of her father and bestfriend to them. 

Devika Shattered in deception who had believed her son to be dead for years, will not be able to forgive Artto and will give all rights on her motherly love to Dhairya. 

Artto will blame Imlie for Dhiarya replacing him in his family. 

Let's see what happens in the upcoming story. 

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