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Anupama: Dimpie NAWABI Tantrums Becomes Headache For Samar

Anupama: Dimpie demands a big room 

Star Plus serial Anupama is showcasing the best drama ever. 

Over a video call before wedding Dimpy express her demands to go on a foreign location for her honeymoon which Samar denise as he doesn't have enough money Dimpy offers to take help from Anuj to sponsor there honeymoon which enraged him further.

Samar seems intimidates by Dimpie dreams after marrige but still promises to fulfill all of them but on his own and not through anyone's else help. 

Samar Gives Dimpie time to Ponder and think wisely

In the latest episode we saw Dimpy made and another this respectful demand where she advised to change the interior of Vanraj room and snatched from him as he is now all alone. 

She Wants a big room and all the facilities as she has in Kapadia mantion after a wedding. 

She is not interested in settling for less.

However Dimpy is not a Kapadia herself but she is taking Anuj name and fame as her in the latest episode of serial Anupama produced by Ranjan Shahi we are shocked to see dimples True Colors way back but everyday she is bringing up some new drama stuping lower and even lower. 

Samar Gives Dimpie time to think as they are still not married. 

Do you think these small fight would become for them to back out from the marriage? 

Let's see how these two opposite rails continue their journey after marriage. 

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