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Anupama: KATTAR DUSHMAN! Leela Baa and Malti Devi Turns Out To Be Sisters

Anupama: Anupama invites Malti Devi for Samar Wedding 


Anupama serial is showcasing some Blockbuster dramas in the latest story. 

In a recent episode we got to see Anupama trying to convince Malti Devi to join as guests and give her blessings to Samar and Dimpie. 

Malti Devi didn't replied to her and moved ahead. 

Anupama very lovingly put forward the invitation with folded hands to come to Kapadia mansion for Samar and Dimpy's wedding to her right after Malti Devi left the spot without uttering a word. 

Malti Devi is famous for having no love or regards to relations.

Do you think she'll fulfil Anapama's wish? 

Leela and Malti Shocking Confrontation

A floor shaking Confrontation of two enemy sisters is about to take place in the upcoming story. 

Here we will discover that Malti already knew that her Sister cum Enemy Leela is Anupama's Mother-in-law.

In the future story that secret of scandalous past of Leela will resurfacing shocking everyone. 

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