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Anupama: Dreamy Promo Of MaAn Reconciliation Hijacked With Nightmare !

Anupama: Maya Enters to interrupt Anuj Melting In Front of His Anu 


Star Plus Hindi show crafted by Rajan Shahi Anupama is ruling the TRP chart with spicy drama going on in the latest sequence of the serial. 

In the latest episode we comes across Anuj trying to revealed condition of is hot in front of Anupama. 

Anuj follows Anupama in the store room where they talks with their eyes.

Anuj congratulates Anupama for her tour to America but keeps the reason of his treachery enclosed in his heart. 

Maya comes at a very critical time interrupting eye-to-eye conversation between Anupama and Anuj. 

Anupama's doubtful Eyes on Maya and Anuj relation Anuj seems anxious and helpless in front of Maya.

There is something which is holding back Anuj from telling the truth to anyone including Anupama

New released promo turns out to be dream

In the latest promo we get to see Anuj telling the whole truth to Anupama and they finally hugs Each Other leading to their reconciliation but in reality it will turn out a dream sequence as and a bait to Anuj and Anupama supporters. 

In fact Anupama will be seen burning in pain of deceit in the upcoming wedding rituals of Samar and Dimple wedding in the Kapadia mantion.

Let's see what happens in the upcoming story.

We don't want you to miss out on this extreme level of drama. 

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