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YRKKH: Abhimanyu Issued Warning of PLAYING DIRTY !


YRKKH: Abhimanyu Becomes Support for falling Abhir 

Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is climbing peaks of drama with extreme ups and downs in the current story line where we can see Abhir angry with Abhinav in Akshara for not playing with him but Abhimanyu arrives at the right time to fill the vaccant spot.

Abhir remembers the time that was when he was in Kasauli with his parents but suddenly his fun loving parents Akshara and Abhinav change into some different personality after coming in Udaipur.

Akshara repents not playing with her son for his safe only on the other side Abhimanyu is with all devotion spending time with his child.

Abhir calls Abhimanyu is hero and breaks abhinav's heart then only Akshara makes him realize that Abhimanyu can never replace Abhinav for Abhir.

Abhinav takes Abhir for a ride on his shoulders but as he is badly injured already he couldn't bear his weight and gets unbalanced while they were about to touch grounds Abhimanyu saved his son. 

Abhiamyu Warning for Akshu 

This warning is no less than the last warning for Akshara. 

At first Abhimanyu had only one reason to pursue his son and fight for him but now he has multiple reasons, one of which is he finds Akshara and Abhinav unfit for his son. 

Will Abhir be snatched from Akshara and Abhinav and the lively family will broke? 

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