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YRKKH: Akshara And Abhinav Repent Compromising On Loving Abhir's Abhimanyu Takes Advantage !


YRKKH: Akshu And Abhinav Ignored Playing with Abhir But his Hero takes entry 


Star Plus quite popular and trp promising serial Yrkkh is moving ahead with a plotline of drama and twits with Abhir siding with his biological father Abhimanyu. 

In the latest episode Abhir gets disheartened when both Akshu and Abhinav ignores him. 

But right at the time Abhimanyu bringing along Ruhi comes to accompany him. 

Abhir called Abhimanyu his hero. 

Abhinav feels shattered to hear it but Akshara motivates him to be brave and makes him realize that for Abhir, Abhinav is ans will be his hero for eternity. 

Abhimanyu declares war against unsafe parents Akshara and Abhinav 

While while Abhinav and Abir are playing Abhir falls down from his shoulders and gets hurt this enrages Abhimanyu and makes him to take this extreme step of sparking war against Akshara and Abhinav whose presence in Abhir's life is unsafe for his junior. 

In the upcoming story we will see Abhimanyu issuing a warning to Akshara on switching over to play dirty eyeing their carelessness in handling their son. 

The spiced up plot of custody battle is about to start in serial Yrkkh under Rajan Shahi production. 

Let's see what happens in the upcoming story. 

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