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GHKKPM: HAYE RAM! Amba Bai Considered Sai BAD LUCK for Satya


GHKKPM: Sai and Satya stuck in matter of life and death 


In the recent sequence of star plus one of the most loved shows Ghum hai Kisi ki Pyar Mein we have watching a bomb blast sequence capturing Sai Satya and Virat.

The news has spread like fire between Adhikari house and Shah Niwas through news channels. 

Amba is down right concerned about her son and considered Sai as negative influence in his life. 

Satya first married Sai as a compromise of marriage but he is now finally in love with Sai. 

In the upcoming story Satya who is in love with Sai will be seen protecting her from Amba taunts and Amba will consider it Sai fault who made Satya against her mother. 

Sai claims to continue her new chapter of life Satya relieved

In the latest sequence Satya wanted to share condition of his heart with Sai in ott but failed. 

Later when they asked what's the matter Satya refrained from letting her know considering her heart to still beat for Virat. 

He even voluntarily keeping stone on his heart suggested Sai to return in virat's life as Pakhi has left forvever. 

Sai chosed her self respect and she is still rigid on her decision of continuing her new marriage with Satya with all her faith which relieved Satya. 

Now its awaited by the viewers to see Satya confessing his love to Sai. 

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