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GHKKPM: Virat Realized Warmth of Sai Unconditional Love !


GHKKPM: Sai Requests Virat to Leave 


In the latest sequence of serial Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Mein we have seen Sai and Satya's in the emergency ward ready to operate on DSP sir when they learn from Virat that DSP sir don't have bullet in his heart at the place of wound rather he has bomb planted in his body and he has become a live bomb. 

Sai keeps her hands at the place of the bomb when DSP sir daughter suddenly in fear of losing her father remove her hands from the critical spot. 

Now Sai has put her life in danger only to save hundreds of lives. 

Sai requests Virat to leave as their children should have one parent at least. 

Virat makes a promise to Sai that each one of them will leave the place safely. 

At that moment Virat felt care and tension in Sai's voice for him, will be be able to realise Sai real feelings for him. 

Virat Emotional Promise sparks Chemistry 

In the latest spoilers we have got to see a hint of upcoming romance between the Sai and Virat in mid of the bomb blast threat on both of them in the promo we get to see chief doctor of hospital declaring and emergency shift of DSP sir and say from the ICU word as conducting surgery their won't be possible. 

Sai who has her hands on the constantly taking bomb will have a threat on her life.

Satya will get to witness real Sairat passion and love when Virat will take extreme steps to save risking his life.

Will eeing power of Virat and Sai love for each other at the right time will make Satya step back from loving Sai? 

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