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GHKKPM: Sai Runs To Hospital Barefoot On Wedding Night To Virat Giving Second Hand Embarrassment To Satya

GHKKPM: Satya and Sai Wedding Night Drama Breaks 


Star Plus popular show Ghum Hain Kisi ki Pyar Mein is showcasing some viral drama with wedding of Satya and Sai which wasn't much anticipated by the viewers. 

With the wedding last hopes of Sairat union also ended.

Post the wedding Satya and Sai mutaully decided to continue this drama in fornt of the ladies of lavanya house. 

Before they could act as normal wedded couple news of Virat hitting staircase reaches Sai. 

Sai forgets the drama and runs barefoot to Virat to see him. 

Pakhi first denied Sai from meeting Virat but let's see what happens up next. 

Sai Becomes Virat Caretaker Amba Clinched Fist in Anger 

Though Virat has been in deep passionate love with Sai post this accident of hitting stairs he will forget all those feelings for Sai. 

Pakhi is about the return in Virat life respectfully as her wife. 

Bhavani is about to request Sai to become Virat doctor/caretaker. 

Pakhi will deny Sai to operate on Virat risking his life. 

Should we take it as the end of Sairat or a new beginning? 

We do not want you to miss out on this extreme level of drama. 

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