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Published By: LGW Desk on April 29, 2023 03:17 PM (IST) | Publication:

GHKKPM: Maddy Becomes Pioneer Villian for Sai Grih Pravesh In Adhikari House


In Star Plus serial Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Mein, burning drama has been showcased with completion of Sai and Satya marriage. 

Sai was in dillema of not listening to her heart and marrying Satya. 

She also faces dillusion of talking with her father who makes her understand that she must listen to her heart and follow what it says. 

Rather than considering what she wants she choose her child's happiness and would be seen marrying Staya murdering hope of Reconciliation with Virat. 

Maddy To Instigate Sai To Leave Adhikari House 

As we know that Sai for Adhikari family womens is no less than a danger. 

They fear that wheel of time could reapeat and put thier family in danger when Sai will return to her ex-husband Virat. 

Virat did everything to stop Sai from repenting her decision but Sai didn't listen. 

Will a track of Sai repenting her decision of marrying Satya will be shown by makers to eventually unite Sai and Virat. 

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