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Published By: LGW Desk on April 25, 2023 01:14 PM (IST) | Publication:

Imlie: Cheeni Provocative Entry In Rudra-Qala Affair Drama!


Imlie: Cheeni Fake Friend Avatar to Provocate Atharva Misinterprating Imlie's actions 


Star Plus's serial Imlie is taking some really twistful drama takes with the stroy of Rudra extaraa marital affair giving shocks to Rana family and eventually worsening Imlie's marriage. 

It bizzare that a graved pillar of past is as such airing now all thanks to the sleeping fire to take his revenge in Dhairya's heart. 

In order to bring justice to Qala and Dhairya, Imlie has risked her marriage, and this is what Cheeni wanted from the beginning. 

Dhairya's is mum and Imlie isn't able to clarify her actions. 

Morality of Imlie is about to bring her doom. 

Cheeni Takes Dig at Imlie Actions of Destroying Rana Family 

Imlie action of bringing justice to Qala and Dhairya is about to shake foundation of her marriage. 

Cheeni will misportray Imlie intentions to mix poison in Atharav's heart for her. 

Let's see Will Imlie ans Atharva's marriage will finally kneel amidst this challenge? 

Will Imlie will have to leave Rana mansion with no one by her side? 

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