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Imlie: Dhairya To Get Love Tipsy For Imlie! SACH YA CHALAWA

Imlie: Dhairya Wounds His Hands to Unlock and Free Imlie 

Imlie mistakenly falls for Keya Plan and reached the hostel Malviya.

Dhairya is along with his Madam Boss but to hamper the deal and to purposefully harm Rana Transport company as Chini has planned. 

But rather Dhairya saved Imlie and there are numerous incidents to quote where Dhairya felt pity for Imlie. 

Soon with Imlie's good nature towards his mother Dhairya will aim at winning her heart. 

In the ongoing track we know Dhairya has joined hands with Vamp Chini but he is the one himself who'll end Chini's game plan to harm Rana bussiness. 

Chini Plan Wrecker is New Ashiq of Imlie 

Imlie's simplicity is about to win Dhairya's heart specially when Imlie is winning his mother's heart. 

Dhairya is really about to fall for Imlie in the upcoming story of the serial and then his only motive will become anyhow harming Imlie and Atharva marriage to marry Imlie replacing Atharva in his life. 

Let's see what turn the story takes in the follow up episodes. 

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