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GHKKPM: Sunny Turns Knight in Shining Armour for Sai and Virat Paused Love Story

GHKKPM: Sunny arrival in-between Sai and Virat Dinner Date


Star Plus Drama Adventure Hindi Daily Soap Ghum Hai Kisi ke pyar mein is showcasing major twists and turns with Sunny's arrival meanwhile Virat is out on a dinner date with Sai. 

Sunny had a delightful short conversation with Virat and Sai over their kids but feels something is off. 

Sai instantly tells him their current status and that Pakhi is now Virat's official wife. 

Virat invites him to have a detailed conversation later with him. 

Sunny leaves but Sai is still lost remembering their old days. 

Old memories refreshed Virat tired to comfort Sai 

Sai remembers how Sunny used to resolve fights between the two in their early days and how their relationship has become above repair. 

Virat's consciousness wakes up while he tries to get close to Sai and tell what is in his heart. 

Virat remembering his spress of promises to Pakhi and her conditions if he unites with Sai, he stops right away. 

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