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Written By: LGW Desk on March 05, 2023

GHKKPM: Pakhi Decides to Spy on Sai-Virat Date with Hidden Microphone!

GHKKPM: Pakhi turns mad in doubt, and chooses to fit Microphone in Virat's coat 

In the serial Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Mein drama knows no limit as in the recent episode we saw Pakhi is at Chawan Niwas burning her heart fearing the romance between Sai and Virat at the date setup. 

Virat is unaware that Pakhi has installed his coat with a hidden microphone to listen to him and Sai talk. 

The date went neutral with nothing romantic and Pakhi is hopeful about Virat's loyalty towards his promises to her. 

Pakhi feels to find nothing in the conversation but fears at the same time that if Virat already knows his coat had a microphone. 

Pakhi turns sweet to Virat again 

For not indulging in something romantic over the dinner date with Sai and Savi, Pakhi feels Virat is still respecting his vows.

Pakhi is again adamant to make Virat fall for her. 

Pakhi's sudden sweetness makes Virat smell something suspicious. 

Will Virat get to know what is cooking in Pakhi's mind? 

Let's see what shades of drama will it bring in the upcoming episode. ,

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