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Imlie: Arto asks Chini not to enter his life again for everyone's good

Imlie: Arto asks Chini not to enter his life again for everyone's good

Star Plus show Imlie garnered attention for quite a long time with it's interesting plot and twists.

In current track Imlie finds Chini inside Arto's car and she asks the latter to sit in Abhishek's car as it's ethically right.

Chini feels Imlie again failed her plan of impressing Arto.

However Imlie advises Arto to shift his attention towards something else instead of focusing on Chini.

Arto thinks Imlie is right and therefore he tries to help her in every work with all his dedication.

Arto avoids Chini

Later Anu instigates Chini to start working on getting back Arto again as he is the perfect choice for her not Abhishek.

Abhishek is more invested towards charity work.

Chini agrees with her and but then she tries to regain Arto's sympathy thinking he can't ignore her as he is still in love.

But much to her shock he shows care towards Imlie and avoids her.

Later Arto warns Chini to have some shame after all the things she has done to Imlie.

He says he doesnt want to face the emotional trauma again. Chini feels Imlie captured Arto completely.

What will happen next?

The drama is going to intensify in upcoming episodes. We don't want you to miss it!

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