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Imlie: Imlie doubts Chini's complaint against Abhishek is false

Imlie: Imlie doubts Chini's complaint against Abhishek is false

Star Plus show Imlie will soon come up with lots of interesting twists and turns in the show.

In current track Imlie and Arto spend some quality time in the village after they learn about the bridge collapse incident.

Arto says he doesn't feel lonely with Imlie and he asks for forgiveness from the latter.

She gets into thinking and Sundar also suggests her to give a second chance to Arto.

There Chini feels that Abhishek is a wrong choice for her as he is not interested to fulfil her needs but more driven towards charity work.

Chini seeks sympathy from Arto

She feels she should again try to get back Arto as he already loves her.

He will easily get attracted towards her, Arto allows her to go home in his car as she lies to him Abhishek left her alone in the village.

Later Imlie sits with Arto in the front seat and questions Chini why she didn't leave with Abhishek and he is not that kind of a person who will left without his fiance.

He even helped Imlie when she was a complete stranger for him. Chini gives an excuse to Imlie.

What will Chini do to get Arto back?

The drama is going to intensify in upcoming episodes. We don't want you to miss it!

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