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Written By: LGW Desk on January 09, 2023

Imlie: Chini calls Arto useless for not being able to keep her or Imlie

Imlie: Chini calls Arto useless for not being able to keep her or Imlie

Star Plus show Imlie garnered attention for quite a long time with it's interesting plot and twists.

In current track Chini gets irked seeing Abhishek's Charity work and they go to a village where some people show gratitude towards him.

Imlie sings Bhajan for Shanti Puja from her car through video call.

Later Arto and Imlie both engage the villagers to listen to their motivational message regarding encouraging the kids to study.

Chini finds Imlie and belittles her in front of everyone saying Imlie herself is not much educated then how can she lecture others.

Chini proposes to Abhishek

Whereas Arto shuts Chini up and sides with Imlie for her unique personality.

Chini feels why Arto forgot her so easily, later Chini decides to propose Abhishek in front of Arto to make him feel jealous.

Abhishek accepts Chini's proposal and Arto gets affected by that. He decides remarry Imlie but the latter rejects him.

Chini finds it hilarious and he calls Arto useless for losing both her and Imlie due to his stupidity.

What will Arto answer?

The drama is going to intensify in upcoming episodes. We don't want you to miss it!

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