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Imlie: Chini fumes seeing Imlie flopped her plan

Imlie: Chini fumes seeing Imlie flopped her plan


Star Plus show Imlie garnered attention for quite a long time with it's interesting plot and twists.

In current track Imlie goes to concert leaving her project work and Arto sees the message in her laptop that she didn't submit the project before the deadline yet.

He thinks Imlie made a sacrifice to attend his concert. There the manager tells Imlie to play Arto's songs on stage and gives her a pendrive.

Imlie hides her face but Chini's friends start embarrassing her for taking Arto's position.

The fans protest against the scam and Imlie gets nervous. Arto saves the day by arriving finally.

Arto gives a thank you speech for Imlie for bringing him to the concert.

Chini gets jealous

Arto and Imlie share a romantic moment and they dance together which makes Chini jealous.

Chini feels like why their closeness is bothering her and she leaves the concert.

She gets angry thinking Imlie succeeded in her plan but she failed to humiliate her.

What will Chini do now?

The drama is going to intensify in upcoming episodes. We don't want you to miss it!

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