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Imlie: Suprised! Meethi Comes to Imlie’s Mehndi Event

Imlie: Imlie was shocked to see Meethi in Mehndi Ceremony

One of the most popular and popular television shows is Imlie.

Imlie, is a really well show on Star Plus, is developing a really interesting plot and capturing the public's attention.

Meethi will visit Rathore's home to attend Imlie's mehndi ceremony in the upcoming Imlie serial episode. Imlie has so far encouraged the Rathore family to keep Cheeni instead of sending her away in the Imlie serial's plot.

Anu, in the meantime, encourages Cheeni to rebel against the Rathore family and counsels her to kidnap Atharva from Imlie. Imlie later regrets her parents' absence from the mehndi ceremony.

Imlie Serial Spoiler

According to the Imlie serial's spoiler, Meethi has returned from Pagdandidya after Arpita sent a car for her. While Anu views Meethi as a threat, Cheeni and Imlie adore her as their adopted mother.

Because her spouse cheated on her with Meethi, Anu despises Meethi.

The lost sibling affection between Cheeni and Imlie will be rekindled in the future twist of the Imlie serial by Meethi.

In the future episodes of the Imlie serial, we'll see if Meethi is able to stop Cheeni from dissolving Imlie's marriage. She succeeds in saving Cheeni from Anu's misleading trap.

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