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Imlie: Imlie saves Parul's wedding, Chini dies of Jealousy

Imlie: Imlie saves Parul's wedding, Chini dies of Jealousy


As per the current episode, Punit’s dad and mom trying to depart the venue announcing they humiliated them and Imlie arrives with Parul.

Each person is greatly surprised to see them, and then Imlie takes Punit inside with Parul.

Imlie and Parul inform the reality to him and Parul says if he desires to cancel this wedding ceremony due to her fault then he is unfastened to do it.

However, she wants to rectify her mistakes.

Punit gets impressed and says he favored her honesty, and he began loving her.

He thanks Imlie and says he will maintain this, relies on among three of them most effective.

Rudra gets angry with Atharva's Behavior

Rudra gets disenchanted with Atharv’s behaviour and the proceedings to Devika that why he receives worried in such instances.

Shivani tells him to ask Atharv in preference to taunting Devika.

Chini says Imlie is expert at lecturing others. What became the need to provide endorse always.

Narmada says if Parul’s wedding receives cancelled because of Imlie then she received’t spare her.

Arpita says that gained occur.

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