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Spy Bahu: Birthday celebration, love confession coming up!!! Spy Bahu latest news: Yohan to express Dil Ki Baa


Spy Bahu latest news: Yohan to express Dil Ki Baat


The upcoming twist of Colors TV show Spy Bahu will show some intense romance between Yohan and Sejal as the two of them finally put aside all troubles and come closer.

Yohan and Sejal’s love story is deeply entangled in the terrorist drama as the two of them are keen to expose the real culprits.

Sejal wants to make sure that Yohan’s name is completely cleared from terrorist scam and the two of them will work together to expose the culprits.

However, this mission will lead to Yohan and Sejal coming closer.

Yohan has fallen in love with Sejal and he will decide to surprise her.

Sejal unsure to share her feelings

With Sejal’s birthday coming up, Yohan will plan a special celebration for her by getting her favourite foods.

Moreover, Yohan will also plan to express his love to Sejal.

Will Sejal too tell Yohan about her feelings or will she keep her feelings to herself because of her spy truth?

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