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Spy Bahu: Sejal takes savior avtaar from enemy, dangers ahead


Spy Bahu latest news: Sejal saves Yohan from arrest


The upcoming twist of Colors Tv show Spy Bahu will show that Sejal will have a new challenge ahead of her as she will have to undo the wrong that she has done.

Sejal had thought Yohan to be a terrorist and had got married to him in order to nab him.

Sejal had not trusted Yohan but after the terrorist attack incident, Sejal has come to know that he is innocent.

However, the intelligence agency will not leave Yohan so easily and land up to arrest Yohan as well as his father.

At this point, Sejal steps in to save Yohan and his father.

Sejal to nab real culprit

Sejal warns the agency people that they don’t have a warrant and therefore they cannot arrest them.

Sejal manages to save Yohan this time she will have more challenges ahead.

Sejal now knows who the real culprit is and be keen to nab him but her journey will not be easy as her and Yohan’s life will be in danger.

Sejal will now become Yohan’s savior from enemy.

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