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Written By: LGW Desk on March 17, 2021

YRKKH: Sirat puzzled with Kartik Rhea's wedding proposal

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Sirat (Shivangi Joshi) shocked with Kartik (Mohsin Khan), Rhea's wedding proposal 

Star Plus longest running show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is gearing up for interesting twist and drama.

Kartik and Sirat are back together after what has happened and how things are turning.

Kartik gets Sirat back to Goenka house while Manish doesn't let her in, Kartik is in dilemma.

Manish has an idea and puts up a deal where he asks Kartik to marry Rhea and only then Sirat can stay at Goenka mansion.

Kartik is puzzled at this demand as he isn't ready to marry anyone and only loves Naira.

Kartik and Sirat's big game of love

Sirat learns about it and is shocked and here she is in dilemma as she feels restless over how Kartik can marry anyone.

Will Sirat realise that she has some feelings towards Kartik which she hasn't realised till now.

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