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Naagin 5: Veer forcefully marries Bani twin brother twist ahead

Naagin 5: Veer's twin brother twist, Veer (Sharad Malhotra) marries Bani (Surbhi Chandna) 

Colors supernatural drama Naagin 5 is gearing up for intense drama in the upcoming story.

Veer wants to marry Bani and thus kills Jai and throws him off the cliff.

Here Bani is shocked and attacks Veer to take revenge of Jai's death and she kills Veer.

While her shocker marks entry as Veer returns back and unveils that whom Bani has killed is his twin brother.

Veer now takes charge to accomplish revenge against Bani and thus forcefully marries Bani.

Veer and Bani's new dhamaka

Veer marries Bani forcefully and is all set to take the revenge and the story will take new turn.

What more twist and suspense is awaited ahead and how will Bani handle this situation.

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