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Naagin 5: Bani to marry Veer twist of circumstances

Naagin 5: Bani (Surbhi Chandna) and Veer (Sharad Malhotra) gets married, game of revenge unfolds 

Colors supernatural drama Naagin 5 is gearing up for mysterious twist and drama.

Veer is after Bani while Bani and Jai are planning to kill Veer for revenge, while everything changes.

Jai dies and Bani is left shattered, while now Bani plans to kill Veer to seek revenge.

While Bani learns that Veer's brothers killed Jai, she wants to seek revenge from all the family.

Bani thus walks the revenge way and decides to not give an easy death to Veer and rather make him bear the pain.

Bani and Veer's wedding dhamaka

Bani thus marries Veer for revenge and ditches her sister and now she is all set to destroy Veer and his family.

Will everything go as per Bani's plan and what more twist awaits ahead.

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