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Anupama: Maya Touches Anupama's Feet! Asks her to Stay Back in India

Anupama: Maya (Chhavi Pandey) Realises the Love of 'MaAn'

Star Plus Anupama has maintained its top position in the TRP ratings for a long time now.

In the upcoming story track, Maya will be apologising to Anupama touching her feet and begging for forgiveness.

Maya will confess how she has used her daughter to steal Anuj from Anupama and how she has destroyed Anupama's life.

Anuj stands in shock as Maya asks Anupama to stay back in India with Anuj instead of going to USA to pursue her dreams.

Anupama looks at Maya with pity understanding that Maya has finally realised her mistakes as Chhoti Anu has showed her the mirror.

Maya's Road Accident Costs her Life

Post Maya's apology, Anupama says that she will be going to USA no matter what.

Anupama will not give up on her dreams for anything this time and she has made her mind for the future.

Maya sees Anupama walking away towards her house when a truck approaches her.

Anupama is lost in her own thoughts so she is unable to see the truck coming and continues to cross the road.

Maya remembers her plan and in shock she pushes Anupama away while getting under the truck herself.

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