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Written By: LGW Desk on March 20, 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 20th March 2021 written update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 20th March, 2021 written update 

Today's episode starts with Kairav seeing punching bag and thinks something while here Kartik, Sirat returns home.

Sirat practice and Kartik asks Sirat to keep practice away from home as he don't want things to get ruined.

Sirat agrees, Kairav comes and asks Sirat to teach her some basic boxing skills.

Sirat refuses but Kairav insist and Sirat does, Rhea plans to use it to advantage and rushes to tell Kartik.

Kartik comes and gets angry and couldn't see it and lashes at Sirat for letting Kairav do boxing.

Sirat tries to say something while Kartik bursts at her that she is Sirat not Kairav's mother.

Sirat to save Kairav

Sirat tells Kartik that she knows that she isn't Kairav's mother but also knows that Kairav had operation and she shouldn't exert him.

Kartik and Sirat had clash and here Rhea had tiff with Gayu and now Rhea plans to see Gayu.

Next day Rhea act that Gayu hurt her and family stands against her, Gayu is hurt and drives car with Vansh and Kairav and they are scared.

Sirat was doing exercise holding Kartik's car, Kartik sees it and here Gayu rushes car while Vansh and Kairav shouts for help.


Sirat gets hit by car.

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