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Written By: LGW Desk on July 31, 2020

Anupamaa 31st July Written Update Anupama loses her job

Anupamaa 31st July Written Update, Anupama loses her job 

The episode starts Anupama leaving for her job and here Samar offers to drop her.

While Anupama asks Samar to stay back at home for Vanraj and she takes auto to go to school.

Anupama gets late at school and she apologize to all for being late as she has guests at home.

Here Vanraj is miffed as Anupama left and Kavya tries to console about it while he praise Anupama.

Vanraj calls Anupama as best chef in the world and here Kavya feels irked.

Vanraj gets the deal from client and Kavya taunts that he got the deal because of his wife's food and must go and hug her.

Kavya leaves in anger, here Parul bursts at Anupama and tells her that she has left her down and insured her today.

Vanraj praises Anupama, Kavya irked

Parul fires Anupama from job and Anupama is disheartened and calls Vanraj that she is going to her mother's place.

Here Paritosh calls Vanraj that Kinjal and her family is coming to meet today and asks him to get Kavya home.

Vanraj is puzzled as Kavya had gone away being angry, here Anupama wears ghungroo and dances as she is sad.

Anupama tells her family that she lost job and how her dream breaks as he fails to keep it for two days.


Kinjal's family comes to Paritosh's house, Samar asks Anupama to come.

Kavya meets Kinjal and here Anupama enters and stands shocked.

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