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Written By: LGW Desk on July 28, 2020

Anupamaa 28th July Written Update Vanraj's success overpowers Anupama's victory

Anupamaa 28th July Written Update, Vanraj's success overpowers Anupama's victory 

The episode starts with Anupama putting her salary cheque in temple and takes blessings.

Anupama is happy and here Vanraj also comes home and makes an announcement.

Vanraj announces as how he got the huge increment and asks everyone to make their list.

Everyone congratulates Vanraj while here Anupama's happiness and success gets overshadowed.

Samar announces Anupama's salary news while no one is affected and Baa asks how she got salary on first day.

Dolly and Meenu congratulates Anupama, while here Vanraj asks Anupama to make tea.

Paritosh and Kinjal's love story comes out

Paritosh returns home and Anupama questions him about the girl in his life and asks him to tell as Vanraj will not say anything.

Paritosh says that Vanraj already knows it, while Anupama is shocked as Vanraj and Baa already knew about it.

Samar feels bad that Paritosh didn't tell Anupama and tries to talk but Paritosh asks him to shut up and stop his lessons.

Anupama asks about Kinjal while Vanraj asks her to not bother as he has met the girl and approved her.


Parul calls Anupama to come to school early while Vanraj asks Anupama to cool food for his clients.

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