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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th February, 2020 Written Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th February, 2020 Written Episode 

The episode starts with Kartik shouts Luv, Kush and asks where are they.

Kartik finds them takes the cricket stamp and beats them up as they are hiding beneath the dinning table.

Kartik punish then for what they have done to Trisha and asks how they did this to Trisha.

Surekha stops Kartik but Akhilesh asks Surekha to let Kartik do what he is doing.

Kartik says that he wish to beat them to the level that he come at Trisha's state.

Luv, Kush are scared and here Naira comes there and they falls on her feet and asks her to safe.

Naira blames Luv, Kush to take a small fight to this level that they push Trisha to death.

Naira tells Luv, Kush that if all men and boys will be like them, then no parents will want a daughter.

Naira tells Luv, Kush that she is not going to forgive them for what they have done to Trisha.

Naira and Kartik decides to punish Luv, Kush

Kartik locks Luv, Kush in room and here he breaks down outside their room and Naira comes to him.

Kartik and Naira recalls as how Luv, Kush used to be younger and shared everything with them and how they taught good things to them.

Kartik and Naira realise that it is mere dream and now Luv, Kush has turned old and so bad.

Suwarna and family are in shock as how Luv, Kush had done this wrong and Akhilesh blames himself how he betrayed his wife.

Manish consoles Akhilesh and asks him to stay strong at this time and they should talk to them.

Surekha asks Suwarna and Dadi to talk to Kartik but they refuses to take Luv, Kush's side.

Kairav and Vansh talks to go to Luv, Kush and servant stops them, Trisha asks Kartik, Naira to get Luv, Kush punished.

Kartik promises to Trisha to get Luv, Kush punished, Naira asks Trisha why she hide their truth for so long and Trisha says that she was scared and then she falls ill.

Luv is super angry over Trisha and Kush is scared and Luv is still planning to do something and has an idea.

Dadi tells family that they will give punishment to Luv, Kush but at home and this news shouldn't go out.

Naira comes from behind and here she says that it is a police case and now court will decide Luv, Kush's punishment.

Kartik is shocked as Naira talks about police, a servant shouts no Luv, Kush and family runs to see them and are shocked.


Luv makes plan and Kush does suicide drama.

Kartik, Naira and family is shocked seeing this.

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