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GHKKPM: Vinu In Lavanya House Savi In Chawan Niwas! Reality Behind Kid Swapping Drama?

GHKKPM: Vinu Hates Chawan Member and Virat From Core Joins Sai and Satya 

Star Plus serial Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Mein is geared up with some worthy to watch drama and head-banging twits. 

In the recent episode we have seen Pakhi leaving behind a note for Vinu and signing divorce to Virat leaving him forever. 

Vinu is about to grow immense hate for Virat post his mother will leave him and Sai and Sai and Vinu are about lead as a mother and Son duo in the drama post leap. 

In the upcoming story we are about to see we know joining Sai and Satya in Lavanya house son and leaving his status of being a chawan grand child for sake of the tears Virat has given to Pakhi. 

Virat is about to showup as a negative charcter post leap as per the spoilers considering Sai the villain behind separting him from his son. 

Savi Leaves Lavanya Hosue To Live With Virat 

Where on the other side Sai is not about to have a happy ending as Savi is about to be brainwashed by Bhavani and Virat against Sai. 

Post leap Vinu is about to hate Virat and Savi will be seen holding grudges against her mother. 

Let's see what happen in the upcoming story. 

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