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Yrkkh: Heartbreak for Abhira Fans!! Akshara calls Abhi's Love UMAR KAID


Yrkkh: Akshara painful monologue describing loopholes in her and Abhimanyu's marriage 

Serial Yeh Rishta kya kehlata Hai is geared with a twist like never before with Akshara and Abhi Mandir encounter. 

Akshara optimised this opportunity well to tell everything Abhimnyu did to her seven years back, the moment was more like an eye opening moment for Abhimanyu. 

Akshara also asked Abhi about his decision if not Neil rather she would have died at his place. 

Abhimanyu through this whole rebuking incident was speechless being shown a mirror of his reality. 

His ego and impulsive decision made him spoil his happy relationship with Akshara, not realising she is a human too and now that she has happily moved on he is pulling her back into the DALDAL of his love. 

Akshara and Abhinav back to Udaipur 

After Akshara's has told Abhimanyu meaning of real love by exemplifying Abhinav's love for her she immediately leaves for Kasauli. 

In Kasauli, she will find Abhinav heartbroken and despairing from Abhi's last conversation with him. 

Abhinav's derailed love vehicle will be brought back on track in the upcoming episode of the show. 

We are about to see a continuation of Akshara-Abhinav love in Kasauli and Akshara moving out of Abhimanyu's memories for real. 

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