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Written By: LGW Desk on May 03, 2021

YRKKH: Manish accuses Sirat for eloping with Ranveer

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Manish (Sachin Tyagi) puts allegations over Sirat (Shivangi Joshi) 

Star Plus longest running show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is gearing up for intense drama.

Sirat finds Ranveer injured and is shocked, Sirat couldn't hold herself back and rushes Ranveer to hospital.

Sirat is shocked and Kartik is puzzled too and thus rushes Ranveer hospital.

While here Rhea reveals about Ranveer to Goenka family and says that he was downstairs.

Rhea speaks ill against Sirat as how her past has returned to her, Suwarna defends Sirat.

Rhea speaks against Sirat

Manish speaks against her and says that may be Sirat had runaway with her lover Ranveer.

Manish says that Kartik never listens and make fun of himself and them infront of all.

Mauri is puzzled and scared over what all is happening and how Sirat and Kartik are with Ranveer.

Mauri fears what drama will this unfold ahead and how will situation change.

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