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Shubharambh: Raja kidnaps Rani romance reblooms

Shubharambh: Raja (Akshit Sukhija) kidnaps Rani (Mahima Makwana), romance reblooms 

Colors popular daily soap Shubharambh is gearing up for high voltage drama and twist.

Rani is back to Raja's house but is staying auto and infront of Raja's house.

Rani is back to prove her point as how Mota Papa and Moti Mummy are using Raja.

Rani is all set to take this situation ahead and here she is staying in an auto and Raja feels bad seeing her in this state.

Raja and Rani's new dhamaka

Raja comes to Rani and here Rani tries to kidnap him and rather stop him with her to spend more time.

While Raja backfires Rani's plan and captivates Rani and locks her in her auto and leaves.

What more drama and dhamaka is awaited ahead in Raja and Rani's life.

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