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Beyhadh 2 Spoiler Alert 12th February: MJ's check mate plan for Maya

Beyhadh 2 Spoiler Alert 12th February: MJ's (Ashish Chowdary) check mate plan for Maya (Jennifer Winget) 

Sony Entertainment Television popular tv drama Beyhadh 2 has reached its climax as the open game has begun.

Maya way playing an underdog till now and had not came infront of MJ but now she has called it a battle.

Maya is in Roy mansion that is in MJ's den and is all set to defeat her in his own game.

MJ accuses Maya for killing Rishi but here Rudra takes stand for Maya and defends her.

While MJ is still not done and he has bigger plans to execute, MJ tells Rudra that he is organising his and Maya's reception party.

Maya and MJ's open challenge

MJ warns Maya and tells her to await the check mate and count her days of end.

Maya is all prepared, while what is MJ actually planning is to wait and watch for.

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