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Ishqbaaz: Varun kidnaps Sonia Shivaansh catches Mannat in bridal avatar

Ishqbaaz: Varun (Zaan Khan) kidnaps Sonia, Shivaansh catches Mannat (Niti Taylor) in bridal avatar 

The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for high voltage drama.

Shivaansh and Sonia's marriage has been announced and Shivaansh is doing this contract marriage for Nani's happiness.

Here Varun is not ready to let this happen, Varun is super irked that Shivaansh has spilled water over his plan.

Varun is not ready to give up sp easily anyhow and thus gets in action, Varun asks Mannat to kidnap Sonia but she refuses.

Mannat's bridal avatar for Shivaansh

Varun thus himself kidnaps Sonia and enters in her room when she was talking selfie and thus scares her with his dangerous bridal avatar.

Varun thus kidnaps Sonia and makes Mannat takes bridal avatar, here Shivaansh sees Mannat in bridal avatar but feels as if he is imagining her.

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