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Written By: LGW Desk on September 09, 2021

Imlie: Imlie refuses to doubt Aditya knock out Malini

Imlie: Imlie (Sumbul Touqueer) refuses to doubt Aditya (Gashmeer Mahajani), knock out Malini's evil plan 

Star Plus popular daily soap Imlie is gearing up for interesting twist and drama.

Imlie and Aditya's life seems to take new turn and here situation is taking new turn.

Malini is determined to destroy Aditya and Imlie's relationship and is ready to do anything for that.

Malini is ready to cross limit and gears up intimacy drama with Aditya and here nothing seems to work.

Malini and Imlie's face off

Here Aditya falls in Malini's intoxication plan and Imlie catch hold of them and here everything seems to fall perfect.

Malini is planning to create misunderstanding amid Aditya and Imlie and here Imlie trusts Aditya more than herself.

Imlie thus takes the next step and here she refuses to believe Malini and shows trust over Aditya and thus flops Malini's plan.

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