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Anupama: Fascinating!! Shruti admires Anuj’s gestures bringing Anupama back for Adhya’s shake


Anupama: Shruti understands the timing for Anupama to return for Anuj and Adhya’s shake next


The Star Plus show Anupama is loaded with twists and turns that gets the fans all excited always.

As of the ongoing episodes Anupama is seen meeting with her Shah House, Anuj and Adhya after years of separation.

Thereof Anupama is surrounded by troubles for Toshu while Anuj has decided to marry Shruti.

But Anuj still loves Anupama and has kept all her things that brings him the memories of her.

Following the same Shruti finds the Mangalsutra and she thinks that Anuj has brought this for her.

While the reality is different, Anuj asks Shruti never to wear the Mangalsutra.

Shruti brings Anupama back home

This makes Shruti understand that Anuj still misses Anupama and only Anupama can bring Adhya back on track making her forget her trauma.

As it seems Shruti wants Anupama and Adhya to clear the misunderstandings where the mother and daughter reunite once again.

Will Shruti bring Anuj Anupama and Adhya together as family leaving them next??

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