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Aria Sakaria and Ayesha Singh reunion as mother daughter Sai Savi with Udne Ki Asha is full house


Udne Ki Asha: Ayesha Sing returns as Sai Joshi along with Aria Sakaria remarking their reunion next


The latest show on Star Plus Udne Ki Asha is garnering massive fan following where the fans will see Neha Harsora as Sailee and Kanwar Dhillon as Sachin.

Where Sailee is responsible and does whatever it takes to keep her family happy, Sachin is carefree.

Yet their marriage strikes the chord and their story will be adored by the fans.

Thereof Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein fame Ayesha Singh who played the role of Sai is seen promoting the show.

Meanwhile Ayesha has joined the screen scape as Sai where Sailee and Sai are seen dancing being true Maharashtrian at heart.

Ayesha and Aria together 

While the fans loved the way Udne Ki Asha is coming on Star Plus, there Aria Sakaria has joined her on screen mother Ayesha Singh marking their reunion.

While Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein fans love the second season, Sai and Virat’s season stays in heart.

Let’s watch Udne Ki Asha where Sai too joins the show.

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