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Anupama: Choked by Fake evidences Bapuji Kavya Dimple turn against Pakhi’s evilness plan


Anupama: Dimple Kavya Bapuji frame the team to stand against Pakhi’s injustice towards Adhik


The Star Plus storyline Anupama has massive zones of drama ongoing with Vanraj leaving Pakhi and Dimple back home entrusting Bapuji and leaving for America.

Thereof Dimple and Kavya have shown Pakhi the mirror yet Pakhi hears nothing and wants to make Adhik regret and miserable by sending him jail.

Thereof Pakhi has collected many documents stating Adhik is not the right fit as Ishani’s father.

But it seems Titu knows the steps of Pakhi and he has alerted Dimple and Adhik.

At the same time Kavya gets the look of documents that falls from Pakhi’s hand but she snatches away the paper and leaves.

Pakhi left alone by family

Thereof Kavya and Dimple decide to support the innocent Adhik while Bapuji won’t leave behind.

As it seems Pakhi is full of arrogance and she wants to satisfy her ego but Dimple Kavya and Bapuji won’t let wrongful acts of Pakhi make Adhik pay the price.

What will Pakhi do next as her family leave her side??

Stay tuned and keep watching Anupama along with latest gossips WU for more updates.

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