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YRKKH: BURNOUT of Trailers!! Yuvraj continues residency with Goenka House for Abhira Trivia


YRKKH: Yuvraj meets Abhira at Goenka house to continue staying with the family for next move

The Star Plus longest and one of the most beloved serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has triggering drama ongoing in the latest episodes.

As of the recent buzz Yuvraj has arrived at Goenka house where Roohi brings him without knowing the reality of Abhira and Yuvraj’s connection.

Thereof Yuvraj has attacked Abhira where she has not seen him yet knows that Yuvraj is back.

After which, Armaan gets alarmed and now Abhira has started her work.

Thereof Yuvraj is seen with Goenka family while Abhira gets the case where Manish is her client.

For this reason, Abhira’s work firm asks her to visit Manish while she arrives and Yuvraj sees her.

Yuvraj sees through Manish ands Abhira's bond

Knowing that Abhira is linked to the family Yuvraj knows the place to stay closer to Abhira.

As it seems Yuvraj will turn family member for Goenka house for planning the next attack on Abhira and Armaan.

Will Manish learn the truth about Yuvraj??

Stay tuned and keep watching Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai along with latest gossips WU for more updates.

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