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GHKKPM: Slowly and Gradually Talked Gossips!! Ishaan understands Isha’s past for Savi


GHKKPM: Ishaan relates what Isha has seen in life as Savi raises voice for dreams and respect

In the upcoming episodes of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, the fans Star Plus fans will get clear indications of drama that will keep them hooked to TV screens.

As of the ongoing episodes and updates, Ishaan and Savi are seen as wedded couple while Savi has decided to stay at Bhosle house.

Thereof Surekha has refused to see Savi as their family member as she still waits for Ishaan and Reva’s wedding.

With this, Savi decides to resume classes and meanwhile she gets insulted for marrying the director.

Thereof Surekha mentions that Savi can not choose her career as part of rules of Bhosle house.

Ishaan keeps his promise to Savi

Well, Ishaan has promised to make Savi the IAS officer as she always dreamt of while Savi repeats the courage that Isha has done years back.

As Ishaan still hates Isha and now Savi is repeating the history Ishan will stand with Savi.

It seems now Ishaan will see what Isha has been through for her self- respect.

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